Rocio Vasquez-Cisneros is a 23 year old Mexican-American, Utah-Based artist. She was born and raised mostly in Utah. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelors in fine arts and a minor in sociology. ​Her work is centered around her life experience, and issues regarding race and immigration. Vasquez-Cisneros draws inspiration for her work from the plight that she, her family, and millions of other migrant families have endured at the hands of hash immigration laws in the United States. Vasquez-Cisneros works primarily in photography and video but also takes an interdisciplinary approach to her art making. Her work is narrative, and includes elements such as self portraiture, much of her work takes on performative rituals and is documented through photo and video. Vasquez-Cisneros merges religious symbols and imagery with the voices of real people who deal with issues of racism and immigration every day.